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Singing Classes at Gabrielle Johnson Music
Singing lessons for all ages!
Learn to sing great songs with ease from highly motivated teachers.

Over time, you will get a good understanding of your vocal instrument, improve your musical ear and rhythm, sing different styles of music including rock, pop, blues, classical and country. Our singing teachers will guide students to improve their vocal skills and develop good singing habits to maintain vocal health.

What is there to learn about singing?
• Proper breath support • Warm-up, exercises, song studies
• tone, pitch, diction, vowels • Finding your authentic voice
• Effective practice routine • Harmony and ear training
• Performance confidence • Vocal health and care

Singing Class Type Age Suitability
Junior Singing 4-7 years old.
Vocal Performance Group From School Year 3 and up
Adult Vocal Group From 18+
Private Singing Adults and children by appointment

Singing Class Descriptions
Junior Singing Group A great start to music that combines real vocal training, rhythm skills and fun games and musical activities. Currently 9:45am Saturdays
Vocal Performance Group First half of class is vocal training. Second half is solo and/or group songs. Singing every week in front of their peers is very powerful and we have seen enourmous growth using this method. Positive feeback from their friends builds confidence and is encouraged.
Adult Vocal Group Vocal training for adults. Learn harmonies, develop comeraderie with like minded people. Lots of collaboration. Currently Tuesdays 7:15-8:15pm.
Private Singing One-on-one vocal tuition. We find the combination of group and private to be very effective and have seen great results in students who take a private class along with their group to work on specific skills.

Class Options and Costs for Singing Classes
Class type Length No. students Term cost
Junior Singing Group 45 mins min 3-9 $280
Vocal Performance Group 60 mins min 3-9 $325
Adult Vocal Group 60 mins 3+ $280
Private Singing Lessons 30 mins 1 only $370
Payment is taken before term starts by direct debit or credit card to secure your spot.

Terms 9 weeks with 4 terms/year (nsw school terms)
Class Days Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
Location OLA Parish Centre, 31 Donovan Ave, Maroubra NSW 2035
5 min walk from Westfield Eastgardens Shopping Centre

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