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St. Agnes Matraville Vocal Group
Weekly rehearsal fun

St. Agnes Vocal Group
Learns Italian music terms
in this fun warm-up.

"Woman of the Sacred Heart"
St.Agnes Vocal Group Recording
(2016) mp3
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St. Agnes School Vocal Group
This page is for the students of Gabrielle Johnson Music who attend St Agnes Catholic Primary School Matraville for their home practice.

1) Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cindy Lauper
Lyrics Download

Girls Just Want to Have Fun Teaching Vocal Video.
NB: View YouTube below at full screen so they can follow along with the sheet music for some practice in seeing where the notes go up and down.

2) True Colours - Cindy Lauper
Lyrics Download

True Colours Vocal mp3

True Colours Backing Only mp3

Vocal Warm-Ups and Exercises

Warm-up Slide

Descending 5th Slide

Descending 5th Run

Stand To Sing

Hey You, Who Me

Articulate (the lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue)

Tune Your Voices