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Vocal Practice

Try this 4-step approach to your practice - take around 30 minutes to complete.
Take a look at these quick tips before doing these exercises.

1) Warm-ups

2) Vocal Exercises

3) Song Study

4) Cool Down

Breathing Excerises (preparing you for singing)

1) Hissing for 16 counts

2) Pulsing exercise

3) Breath - Ah Ee exercise

4) Belt - No Tension

Vocal Warm-ups
(for all voices)

1) Warm-up Slide

2) Desc. 5th Slide

3) Desc. 5th Run

4) Rock/Pop Slide

Vocal Exercises (high voice)

1) High Rock Steps

2) High Rock Syncopation

3) Alphabet Consonant Exercise

4) Numbers Intervals Exercise

5) Pitch Match with Changing Vowels

6) Octave in 3rds - Staccato Exercise

T3 Rising Star Showcase - Songs for Home Practice
Make sure you do the warm-ups first before practising your songs


Vocal Warm-up

It's important that you don't jump straight into your songs and that you warm-up first.

This can be a very fun process!


Yousician Medley Lyrics
Download Lyrics Here

These songs will be sung by our vocal groups accompanied by the guitar groups.


Brave (Sarah Barellies - piano acoustic version)
Download Lyrics


All singing students will sing the Chorus as indicated on the lyric sheet - the greyed parts are sung by a soloist.

Happier Day (Rory Phillips)
Download Lyrics


Rockstar (A Great Big World)
Download Lyrics



7 Years (Kidz Bop Kids Version)
Download Lyrics Here

Saturday 11:15am vocal performance group

Kidz Bop Kids is a Youtube Channel where lyrics have been modified to suit children. Please use THIS VERSION and not the original lyrics.

Signed Sealed Delivered
(Stevie Wonder - Glee Version)
Download Lyrics
9:30am Saturday Vocal Group song
Mia, Holly, Bridie, Eve.

This Glee version is a great up-tempo song to get singers and audiences grooving!


KIDZ Bop Kids YouTube Channel

KIDZ Bop Kids is a fantastic resource for kids choosing age appropriate songs they can relate to and feel comfortable singing.